General conditions


Meaning of the terms used in this contract:

Luggage storage: it is the space reserved for the storage of luggage / packages, for its custody and custody.

Landlord or depositary: is the person who leases a good and performs the luggage storage service.

Lessee or depositor: is the person who delivers luggage for custody and custody.



Your deposit agreement is stipulated with the company LockandGo, owner of the name LockandGo and the website, which accepts the deposit. With the slogan of your luggage, you accept our terms and conditions on the deposit contract, in your name and / or on behalf of any other person that has an interest, regardless of whether or not you have signed our deposit slip. Our terms and conditions are of general application, being able to agree changes to them only in writing and approved by the management. In the case of luggage storage with oral or written instructions that are in conflict or that are incompatible with our terms and conditions, and have not been authorized and approved by us in writing, we will not be bound by such instructions.



The luggage storage service consists of keeping your luggage in our facilities during the period indicated on the deposit slip and specifically from the day and the time of delivery to the date and time of the alleged collection.



At the time of deposit, the Tenant must declare the contents of each baggage, stating that the baggage is not among those that are not accepted for the deposit according to the point.

They will be accepted on deposit, within the limit of the storage capacity of each box office, both suitcases and bags, baskets, backpacks and the like. Each package must be tightly closed.

The lock and Go company does not respond, in any case, to money, jewelry, precious metals or business documents or other valuables contained in each package that, as indicated in point 5, cannot be deposited.

The luggage / package is placed in the deposit at the request of the owners or their representative, as well as the material owner of the luggage.

It is the faculty of the Lock and Go company, at its discretion, not to accept the luggage / package in consignment.



They will not be accepted for deposit:

a Luggage / packages containing flammable or deteriorating materials, exhaling bad odors or that may cause deterioration of the store’s infrastructure or damage to other baggage / stored packages;

b Money, jewelry, precious metals, samples or business documents and valuables in general.

Baggage / packages in poor condition may be rejected; except in special cases, provided that the applicant declares it in writing exempting the company LockandGo from any responsibility in relation to the bad state and / or the deterioration of the content. In this case, upon receipt, the Landlord will draw the Lessee’s attention to the deficiencies observed by writing them down on the delivery sheet (Ref. Item 8.).



The opening hours to the public are from Monday to Sunday from 9 am to 9 pm without exception.



The deposit and custody of luggage / packages is attended by the staff of the company LockandGo.

The staff is obliged to comply and enforce the rules related to the exercise of the deposit and storage of luggage / packages; Staff may collect the amounts corresponding to the deposits, sign the receipts and perform all operations and acts under this Regulation.



The slogan will always allow access, in addition to the employees of the company LockandGo responsible for the control and management of the service, to the police or security bodies of the State or Local, as long as the request is motivated in writing and by safety reasons.



At the time of the luggage / baggage deposit, the employee has to fill in the deposit slip of the luggage.

The matrix, with progressive numbering, will remain in the slogan; a sheet (receipt), which will have the same serial number of the matrix, will be delivered to the depositor; Another sheet (copy receipt) will be delivered to the depositary. The suitcase will be introduced by the luggage service, assigning a box office number. The key will remain in the Tenant’s possession. In any case, there will always be a master key at the emergency counter.

The company employee is not required to verify the identity of those who require the deposit.

The Lessee must pay the fee at the time of the deposit before delivery of the deposit receipt.



The rates for storage and custody of luggage / packages will be set by the company LockandGo. They are displayed visibly to the public within the establishment and are specified below:

Prices are for luggage / bulk.

Small luggage / bulk: 5 euros per piece per day.

Large luggage / bulk: 8 euros per piece per day.

Baggage / special package: To be consulted at the local availability and price.



The deposited packages will be returned to the bearer of the receipt, prior payment of the deposit amount. In the event that the packages have been deposited for a period greater than that corresponding to the minimum rate, it will be calculated according to the rates of the previous point 10.

The person in charge of the slogan must verify, at the time of the return, only the correspondence of the receipt displayed by the person who collects the luggage and not also the identity of the exhibitor; however, if the person in charge of the slogan has reasonable doubts that the holder of the receipt is not the rightful owner of the packages, he must suspend the return and ask the holder of the receipt for the necessary evidence to guarantee. Otherwise, the packages will remain in the slogan until the necessary checks have been completed.



After 30 days from the date of collection declared at the time of deposit, the unclaimed packages are deemed abandoned and the Lessee will lose any right to reimbursement or compensation for them. The LockandGo company may proceed at its discretion to the sale and / or destruction and / or retention of luggage / packages and its contents.



The return of forgotten luggage will be at the full expense of the Lessee, including upfront expenses.

The LockandGo company will send the forgotten items if they are claimed within the stipulated period; In this case the client will advance all shipping costs, which depend on weight, destination, carrier, etc. with a minimum fixed cost of 200 euros.



The company LockandGo is not responsible for the breakdowns and the natural deterioration of the luggage / packages deposited in its direct custody and not attributable to its fault or to causes related to the conservation in the deposit. The LockandGo company is not responsible for damages or losses, force majeure and / or natural events such as earthquakes, floods, etc. LockandGo will not be liable for content not declared by the depositor.



Each piece of luggage / package delivered to the company’s premises is covered by insurance up to a maximum of € 500 per package. This insurance covers any damage and / or loss attributable directly to the LockandGo company within the limits set forth above, as well as theft by third parties.

Such insurance will not cover precious stones or metals, watches, cash / cash, plasma screens, LCD, GPS navigators, mobile phones, computers, tablets, jewelry, money, glass, porcelain, art objects, antiques, documents or movie, tapes, discs, memory cards or any other media that contains data or images.

The options mentioned above do not cover the breakage of handles and / or wheels.



With the receipt sheet, the Lessee accepts all the conditions established in this Regulation, the copy of which can be requested at the premises of the company LockandGo. Which reserves the right to modify this Regulation for situations that arise in the specific course of the activity.



The Parties expressly agree to submit for any dispute, controversy that may arise regarding the interpretation of this Regulation to the jurisdiction and Courts of Madrid.

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